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Women’s Body Shaper Vests - Neoprene ‘Hot’ Body Shapers

Here’s that hot body shaper vest you’ve always wanted – maybe needed, for that hour-glass figure. If your workout doesn’t quite cut it - who cares. Grab another chocolate, buy an extra bagel, love an extra latte. With these neoprene body shaper vests – anyone can have a great body now. Get one today - even tomorrow . . . 
  • Product:Neoprene ‘Hot’ Body Shaper Vests
  • Item: Slimming Vest
  • Control Level: Firm
  • Material: Polyester LC-45
  • Decoration: Lace
  • Fabric Type: Chiffon 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you very much.

Size Chart For This Body Vest

All sizes are measured by hand, so please allow around 1-3 cm difference.