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Smartphone Portable Solar Power Bank 5000mAh

You don’t climb mountains. You don’t even go to the alps –with that crisp, fresh, rarefied air. No. It’s not your thing. You do rivers and streams – it’s the fishing for you – the smell of freshly cooked fish. You like to stay in touch with nature and family – that’s why you’ll buy this portable power bank. So you can.

  • Type: Solar Cells, Ultra-thin Polymer Metal Alloy Solar Power Bank
  • Features: Mobile Phone External Battery, Fast Charging For Smartphones, Portable External Battery Backup, Portable Universal External Battery Charger
  • Material: Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Number of Cells: 2pcs
  • Max. Power: 5W
  • Nominal Capacity: 5000mah

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you very much.