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Key Chain Alcohol Breathalyzer Tester

Just like a breath of fresh air you say as you plonk your keys on the bar. The barman gives you a nod. Your friends nod off. They’ve seen it before – the key chain alchohol breathalyser. In fact – they all have one now. You smile since you got it for them. You’re no mug. You huff – and you puff and you - know the rest.

  • Style: Portable Key Chain Alcohol Breathalyzer Tester
  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Material: ABS
  • Digital display results: (% BAC / g/L)
  • Detection range: 0.000%-0.199% BAC (0.00-1.99g/l)
  • Mouthpieces: Five Mouthpieces Included
  • Features: Three Digit Digital Display
  • Power input: 2*AAA battery
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you very much.