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Men's Luxury Fashion Genuine Leather Belts

Simple, smart and elegant – it's what your friends say. Pity they weren’t referring to you. Now you head online to dress-for-success. You’ll show ‘em. You find these belts – they’ll crush ‘em. You grab the brown – no – the black – gasp – you grab them both. They arrive. You put on your boxers, both belts - and rush off.
  • Style: Business, Fashion Or Casual Dress Belts
  • Belt Pattern: Plain Black
  • Belt Material: Leather Cowhide
  • Belt Width: 3.5cm
  • Belt Lengths: 110cm – 130cm
  • Buckle Length: 7.8cm
  • Buckle Width: 4.0cm
  • Buckle Style: Black-Gold, Brown-Silver

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you very much.