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Artistic Printed Luggage Covers – Flowers Series 01

Spring has sprung – the grass has riz – I wonder where my luggage is – you chortle as you cruise your home in search. You love your bright colourful luggage covers – they lighten the tone of your day – unless of course you can’t find them – like – right now. Then you realise – you have already put them in the cab. Duh!
My Emporium - Signature Collection
Unique artistic works printed double-sided and constructed with an elastic polyester-spandex fabric for maximum durability and a snug fit over your luggage
  • Visual: Flowers Series Paintings by Lois Campbell - (lmc-6025)
  • Style: Adds style and personality to your luggage
  • Features: High quality, no-fade print with uncompromising color vibrancy. Includes side slits for easy access to your luggage handles and a zipper-bottom securely fastens the cover to your luggage, ensuring a tight fit
  • Use: Protects from scratches, spills, stains and more while traveling
  • Overall Dimensions:  Three Sizes - refer to accompanying product diagram
  • Installation: Designed for quick and easy installation – no tools required (refer to accompanying installation diagram) 
  • Washing Instructions: Gentle machine-washing mode using mild detergent. Avoid clothes with zippers, hooks or buttons.

Please note that color representation may differ due to individual screen or monitor settings and manufacture processes

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you very much.