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About Us


Look Good – Feel Good. We believe life is about confidence – personal confidence. An inner self-belief - you can achieve whatever you want in this life, given persistence, courage and determination. Look in the mirror – acknowledge yourself and face the day with strength. Know that if you Look Good, you will Feel Good.

We love to be different, unique, bold; to help talented creatives bring beautiful work to the world. MyEmporium.com  enables passionate inventors, quality designers, and industrious manufacturers to reach discerning customers with a real passion to stand out from the crowd. MyEmporium.com  is an online marketplace specifically created to form a bridge between artisans, designers, commerce, and customers. Collectively, it offers the freedom for each of us to focus on what we do best. Our thoughts, our dreams are on-demand – so naturally, our products are fashioned, manufactured and shipped on-demand - welcome to the new paradigm! 

Make your world a better place at My Emporium.

MyEmporium.com is an online retailer with a collective focus on specialty niches, custom designed products and apparel with no bricks & mortar overhead. We supply and have our printed products manufactured-on-demand then ship directly from the source to you. With no excess over-stocks to cost in or middlemen to add on markups, you get high-quality products at an incredible price. We are not about cheap – there is always someone cheaper - we endorse quality and value for money.

MyEmporium.com is a world of style that sets the trend for others to follow. Enjoy life!