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Mobile Phone Telescope Camera Lens – 18 X Optical Zoom

You must see everything close-up – your travel - your destinations, sports, action. See the whites of their eyes, fine hairs on their antennae – bugs that is – capture sporting moves with no dark corners on screen to hide in. Become the neighbourhood spy with this 18X optical zoom telescope for smartphones. Good on you.
  • Product: 18X Optical Telescope For Mobile Phones
  • Compatibility: All Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Brands: Apple iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Panasonic, Palm, Blackberry, , Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, Toshiba, LG
  • Phone-Camera Type: Telephoto Lens
  • Material: Optical Glass Lens, Aluminum Body
  • Actual Magnification: 18X
  • Focal Distance: 3m to 800m
  • Object Lens Diameter: 26mm
  • View Angle: 90 degrees
  • Phone Clip Width: 5.5 - 9cm
  • Telescope Size: 3.6 x 13.5cm
  • Dark Corners: None

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you very much.